Attractive, the Quebec City region for foreign job seekers? The craze provoked by the new virtual recruitment mission initiated by Québec International is unequivocal.

Just over 10,000 people from nearly 100 countries applied for one or more of the 500 jobs posted by 27 companies in the Quebec City region.

Since job seekers could show interest in more than one job, more than 30,000 job applications were received.

This seventh virtual recruitment mission led by Québec International eclipses all the others in terms of applications received, notes Marie-Josée Chouinard, Senior Director Talent Attraction at the organization for promotion and economic development.

While previous operations were aimed exclusively at certain regions of the globe, such as Latin America for example, Quebec International chose, this time, to expand its recruitment territory to the world.

Nothing less.

“Whenever we did a virtual recruitment mission, we found that the applications came from all over the world and not just from the countries we targeted. You know, in the context of a virtual mission, there is no longer any border. We realized there could be incredible potential for talent to seduce. ”

Operation charm

I believe that Quebec International and the 27 participating companies have bet right. To publicize the available positions, Québec International has deployed all its arsenal.

“We have used all the branches of the Quebec government abroad. We have engaged our partnerships with public employment services in several countries. We also conducted interviews with news media that reach a wide audience.

The day after the publication of a report in a Brazilian newspaper, we counted 35,000 visitors in a single day on our website, “said Marie-Josée Chouinard adding that the word-of-mouth had done its work .

Indeed, the Quebec City region is no longer an unknown land for foreign job seekers. Over the last decade, Québec International has supported nearly 600 companies in the region during 37 recruitment missions to Europe, the Maghreb, Canada and Latin America.

Since March 2008, 2,367 skilled workers have been recruited through these missions and other talent attraction initiatives. In total, this represents more than 6,000 newcomers, including spouses and children, in the Quebec City region.

In terms of the unavoidable social media, they have been fully used, especially to target the most sought after profiles in information and communication technologies (ICT) on LinkedIn.

To “sell” the capital to foreign job seekers, Québec International and employers have three main arguments: the many career opportunities, the quality of life and the safe environment to raise a family.

Even more missions

“Obviously, we are careful not to overdo things so as not to disappoint newcomers,” says the principal director in talent attraction.

On Monday, the Quebec government announced that it was giving Quebec International a boost of $ 3.5 million to help it increase the number of missions abroad from 7 to 16 in the coming year.

Pilgrimages – on-site or virtual – to recruit workers, but also students to “repopulate” the teaching houses, especially on the side of technical and vocational training.

Already, missions are announced.

In early September, Québec International will accompany three video game companies in the country – Rodeo FX, Squeeze Studio Animation and Ubisoft – in a quest for top talent at a major gathering of gamers in Mexico. this industry.

Then, in late November and early December, employers will fly to Tunis and Paris hoping to find the rare pearls they can not find in their own country.



For the 27 companies participating in the “global” virtual recruitment mission, it’s a comeback!

The one in which human resources specialists still sorted the C.V.

“The scarcity of labor is so great that employers almost do not receive any more. I feel a bit of excitement in their eyes, “notes Marie-Josée Chouinard, Senior Director of Talent Attraction at Québec International.

These companies – two-thirds come from the world of information and communications technology (ICT), the rest from the manufacturing industry – currently have the names of the people who applied for the jobs offered.

A screening was first done by members of Marie-Josée Chouinard’s team.

“Employers are currently scouring the C.V. to determine who will be interviewed for an interview,” she says. “At first, companies will want to evaluate the knowledge of the French language of candidates who do not come from the countries of the Francophonie.”

Interviews will be held in mid-September. “There should be more than 1,500 in the space of two weeks. It will be held in our offices. Every day, five companies will meet with the successful candidates through videoconferencing, “says Marie-Josée Chouinard. “It’s a whole contract! We must take into account the conditions of communication in each country and the time difference obviously. ”